Exercise Physiology

Manage and prevent chronic conditions and injury with exercise.


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We empower you to use exercise to change your lifestyle and improve your health.

We'll provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to exercise safely and effectively, consistently motivating you to continue the healing and recovery process towards optimal outcomes that are specific to you.

Strength and Conditioning

Progress to full function and beyond by strengthening and stabilising specific areas with exercise.

Chronic Disease Management

Manage Chronic diseases like Diabetes and arthritis at Blackwood Health Centre

Manage chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis either partially or completely with specialised exercise programs.

Injury Rehabilitation

Blackwood Physiotherapy Pilates

Supporting you beyond acute injury management and into an active return to work and play.

Health, Fitness and Weight Loss

Active Lifestyle Support at Blackwood Health Centre

Become empowered with the relevant knowledge and support to make the relevant changes to your health and lifestyle.

Functional Movement Screening

Blackwood Health Centre Movement Screening

We can help you identify compensatory or inefficient movement patterns that could pose increased injury risk and reduced performance.

Group Programs

Group Exercise Programs at Blackwood Health Centre

Join a group program for support and motivation to manage conditions like Type 2 diabetes and arthritis with prescribed exercise.

We are able to assess, prescribe, supervise and monitor exercise and lifestyle programs designed to achieve specific health outcomes for individuals with a broad range of pathological conditions and injuries.

Michael Ceccarelli, Premium Fitness

Michael Ceccarelli is an Exercise Physiologist at Premium Fitness Blackwood, at the back of Blackwood Health Centre.

For bookings, contact Michael via email: exercise.physiologist@premiumfitness247.com.au or phone 0468 921 695. Referrals to Michael may be faxed to Blackwood Health Centre on 8370 2675.

Useful Information


In conjunction with a diagnosis and acute treatment and/or manual therapy from a GP, physiotherapist or other allied health professional, we can progress you to full function and beyond by strengthening and stabilising specific areas with exercise. We also welcome private appointments, without a referral.


Clients may be eligible for Medicare, Veterans Affairs, Return to Work and private Health Insurance Rebates for many of our services. Please contact us for further information.